Concrete restoration is now an option; you can now have the pool deck, patio, walkway, garage floor etc. that you have dreamed about.  Whether a hotel, condo, business or your home, count on our products for long lasting beauty and reliability. Not a paint or stain, our coatings are formulated using tough acrylics and color pigments. 

This unique coating system is an excellent sealer which prevents foreign substances from penetrating the surface. Combine these qualities with a slip resistant finish and you have the perfect solution for driveways, pool decks, walks, etc. Spruce up your concrete surface at a 60% discount over ripping out and re pouring your concrete, giving it a new look.

Concrete Resurfacing is a process by which a thin layer of acrylic modified cement is added to the top of an existing concrete slab to create a new surface. This process is also called a concrete overlay.

Dirty, stained, or cracked concrete doesn’t have to ruin the appearance of your home or business. This system can renovate your unsightly concrete surface into something beautiful and more durable. Our coating systems are made of the highest quality materials. Top grade Acrylics, Binder Resins, Cements, and Epoxies make our resurfacing product a slip resistant surface that is cooler than concrete, slip resistant, hundreds of colors, textures and patterns to choose from. The ideal application for Driveways, Sidewalks, Garage Floors, Pools and Patios.

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Whether it's your patio, walkway, garage, or driveway, home or business, count on our products for long lasting beauty and reliability. Not a paint or stain, our product is formulated using tough acrylics, color pigments and cementitious materials.

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